From Attorney to Travel Blogging Success: Julianne’s Journey

In an inspiring tale of transformation, Julianne, initially an attorney with no prior knowledge of making money online, found herself yearning for more than her well-paying but monotonous job. Her solution? Starting a travel blog named “Pints, Pounds & Pate,” focusing on European travel, a passion of hers.

Beginning with a Simple Idea

Julianne’s blogging journey began with a simple Google search on how to start a blog. Despite having no format and initially no readers, she persisted, sharing her travel experiences and dreams.

The Turning Point

Six months in, Julianne noticed her first visitors. This spurred her to dive into Pinterest and SEO, platforms she believed could amplify her reach. Her dedication to crafting beautiful travel content for Pinterest and optimizing her blog for search engines gradually paid off.

A Strategy That Pays Off

By consistently posting hundreds of blog posts, Julianne’s blog began to monetize through ads and affiliate links. Remarkably, in 2023, her blog earned $80,000 USD. Her success wasn’t solely due to SEO; Julianne also utilized social media, proving that a massive following isn’t necessary to drive significant traffic to one’s website.

Lessons from Julianne’s Story

Julianne’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, strategic content marketing, and the evergreen potential of blogging. Her journey from an attorney to a successful travel blogger underscores that with passion, hard work, and a bit of digital marketing strategy, anyone can achieve their dreams.


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