How Pinterest Helps With Financial Blog Growth: Ling’s Blogging Success

In 2017, Ling, a finance industry professional from Canada, embarked on a blogging journey with a unique approach. Yearning for a fulfilling side hustle, she started “Finsavvy Panda,” a blog focusing on finance, money hacks, and savings, leveraging her expertise in finance. But her path to success had a twist: using Pinterest to drive traffic.

The Inception of Finsavvy Panda

Ling’s foray into blogging required minimal investment, a key factor in her decision to pursue this path. With just $400 spent on hosting and a course, she set up her blog. Her strategy was to combine her passion for finance with market viability, creating content that resonated with her professional background.

The Pinterest Strategy

Ling turned to Pinterest, a platform often overlooked by many marketers, especially males. As a regular Pinterest user, she understood the potential of tapping into its unique audience. She created a business account on Pinterest and began posting 3-4 times daily. This consistent effort paid off, as her posts started going viral, funneling a significant number of visitors to her website.

Monetization and Growth

Initially, Ling saw no revenue during the first five months. However, by month seven, her blog began generating income. Ling diversified her revenue streams through ads, eBook sales, and affiliate marketing. Each eBook priced at $47 USD, coupled with affiliate commissions from her recommendations page, contributed to her blog’s financial success.

Lessons from Ling’s Journey

Ling’s story demonstrates the power of a focused and unique marketing strategy like rebel book club used. Using Pinterest for traffic and diversifying income streams through products and affiliate links proved effective. For aspiring bloggers, Ling’s approach highlights the importance of leveraging different platforms and creating varied revenue sources to build a successful blog.

Ling’s experience serves as inspiration for anyone considering starting a blog. It’s a testament to the fact that with creativity, dedication, and a strategic approach, blogging can be a profitable and fulfilling endeavor.

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