The List Of I'mPossible

What is the IMpossible List?

This IMpossible List is like a dream list for me, serving as a constant source of inspiration and a guiding light on my journey.

It keept me motivated, acted as a compass that points me in the direction of my goals, reminding me of the milestones I hope to reach, the individuals I aspire to meet, and the significant goals I aim to Shoot down.

Each aspiration penned down is a stepping stone towards a future I envision, filled with learning, growth, and meaningful impact.

Educational Road

  • Completed SSC with distinction in 2016.
  • Achieved notable success in HSC in 2018.
  • Accrued knowledge through 30+ diverse courses.
  • Aiming for a dual undergraduate Major
  • Aspiring to contribute to academic research under a professor’s guidance.
  • Eyeing an MBA to sharpen strategic and managerial acumen.
  • Considering the pursuit of a PhD for deeper academic engagement.

Expansion Checklist

  • Launch my own website. 🌐
  • Kick-off My YouTube channel adventure.
  • My very own Facebook page. 👍
  • Begin MY blogging journey. ✍️
  • Take the airwaves with My own podcast. 🎙️
  • Make 1,000 brave souls to follow me. 🚀
  • Amass a troop of 10,000 adventurous followers. 🎉
  • Marvel at 100,000 daring explorers following your path. 🌟
  • Have My content viewed by 10,000 times 📺
  • Want to invest on at least 50+ businnesses 
  • To be continued

My Dream Gear & Possessions

  • My Own Apple Eco-System
  • Secure one of those sleek microphones everyone’s raving about.
  • Capture moments using a high-end professional camera.
  • Build the beastly PC rig of my dreams.
  • Ride the streets in my own ride.
  • Design and decorate the cozy nook I call home.
  • Have a space with All Marshal 

Travel Checklist

  • Explore Bandorban
  • Set foot in 10 diverse countries.
  • Elevate the count to 20 magnificent destinations.
  • Traverse through 50 culturally rich nations.

Life Skills

  • Learn how to Ride a Car
  • Navigate the roads confidently with driving skills.
  • Learn How To Swim Properly.
  • Really want to learn how to Cook
  • Python – Python – Python

Fitness Goals

  • Complete 20 push-ups in one go.
  • Achieve 50 push-ups in one set.
  • Push for 100 push-ups without stopping.
  • Commit to working out twice weekly for a month.
  • Maintain the twice-a-week exercise routine for six months.
  • Stick to the gym for a full year.
  • Finish a 5k marathon.
  • Conquer a 10k marathon.
  • Pedal through 10 miles in a day.
  • Challenge yourself to cycle 20 miles in one day.
  • Get in shape and lose that tummy!

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